Classic Manicure $20 
Hot Stone Manicure $30 
Milk & Honey Manicure $35 
Qtica Manicure $35 
OPI Manicure $38 
Champange & Rose Manicure $42 
CND Manicure $47 

Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure $38 
Gel French Manicure $43 
Polish Change Gel Polish Hand $30 
Polish Change Gel Polish Feet $32 

SNS Healthy Nails

SNS soak off with no service $10
Special shapes will be 5 extra. Longer lenght +$5
SNS Manicure $50 

(Clean cuticles with dipping powder on your real nails) 

SNS Full Set $55 +

(Clean Culticles with dipping powder and artificial tips for length)

SNS Solar (Pink & White) $65 +

(Clean cuticles with pink and white powder. Artificial tips may be applied if needed)

SNS Ombre $65 +

(2 colors of choice (3 or more colors will cost extra) Artificial tips may be applied if needed.


Classic (Pedicure 25 mins) $35 

(Includes nail trimming, shaping, clean cuticle, massage, and polish)

Special (Pedicure 35 mins) $45 

(After all of the basic steps, follow with a callus treatment, sea salt exfoliation scrub massage, and polish)

Jelly (Pedicure 40 mins) $53 

(Jelly Pedi turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. With fluffy jelly. Which will retain its heat up to four times longer than regular water. Includes all of the steps in Special pedicure)

Hot Stone (Pedicure 45 mins) $55 

(Choice of sugar scrub, Callus treatment with hot stone massage.)

Milk & Honey (Pedicure 45 mins) $55 

(After all of the basic steps follow with a callus treatment, unique milk sea salt or sugar scrub that removes dry dead skin. An exhilarating marine masque wrap with a warm towel, extended massage with creme butter a blend)

Qtica (Pedicure 45 mins) $57 

Qtica spa makes your skin luxurious softness with sugar scrubs, masks, lotion...

O.P.I (Pedicure 50 mins) $65 

(This OPI signature pedicure is the ultimate treatment for your feet. Along with the basic steps. Follow with callus treatment OPI scrub exfoliation, hydrating mask wrapped, and an extended massage with OPI lotion or oil)

Champagne & Rose (Pedicure 55 mins) $65 

The ultimate hydrate treatment for feet. With vitamins A, C, D, and natural food preservatives. Paraffin dip. 

CND (Pedicure 55 mins) $67 

(Exite. Energize. Refresh. 

CND products soothe tired soles like nothing else. Dip your toes into these products to experience pure, ocean-inspired bliss for your feet. Plus Paraffin Dip)

Fusion Pedicure (Pedicure 60 mins) $70 

(A mix of flavors and a combination of different brands give you a luxurious continuation of the spa pedicure including a moisturizing scrub, masque, and callus treatment. Extended massage for lower legs with smooth rocks that gently loosen tired, achy muscles)

Super Deluxe Pedicure (Pedicure 65 mins) $80 

Products contain the best components to keep you beautifully healthy. Each Product is Individually packaged with the right amount for a single pedicure

Natural Sea salt

Mud masque

Massage Cream

Sugar Scrub 

Callus Remover 

Collagen Sock

Add on to Pedicure

Add Hot Stone $12 
Add Gel Polish $18 
Add Paraffin $12 
Add Collagen Sock $14 
Add Jelly $10 

Full Set

Special shapes add $5 extra. Longer Lenght add +$5.
Acrylic Set or Overlay (Regular Polish) $40 +
Acrylic Set + Gel Polish $53 +
Acrylic Sculpture Set (Regular Polish) $65 +
Color Acrylic Set $55 +
Solar Set (Pink & White Acrylic Powders) $60 +
Gel Builder Set (Liquid Gel) $60 +
Ombre Acrylic Set $67 +
Toe Acrylic Set $52 +


Acrylic + Regular Polish $30 +
Acrylic + Gel Polish $43 +
Acrylic Color (with clear Gel Top Coat) $45 +
Acrylic Color Change (New Color) $55 +
Gel Builder (Liquid Gel) $50 +
Solar (Pink & White) $55 +
Ombre Acrylic Fill $57 +

Additional Services

Toe Nail Cut Only $12 
Hand Nail Cut Only $10 
Acrylic nail Cut Down $3 +
French $7 +
Tropical $7 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Nail Art Design (2 Fingers)  Vary
Polish Change Hands $10 
Polish change Feet $15 
Toe Nail Acrylic $6 +
Paraffin for Hands $10 
Paraffin for Feet $12 
Collagen Socks $12 
Shiny Buff $6 
Gel Polish or SNS Soak Off $10 
Acrylic soak off with no service $15 
Acrylic Take off (with new set of nails) $5 

Eyelash Extension

Standard Eyelash Extension (No re-fill) $50 +

(10-12 hairs in one Cluster) 

Triple Eyelash Extension (No re-fill) $60 +

(3 hairs in a single cluster) 

Twin Eyelash Extension (No re-fill) $90 +

(2 hairs in a single cluster)

Individual Eyelash Extension $120 +

(A single hair makes it looks more natural) 

Faux Mink Eyelash Extension $125 +

(Mink lashes are 100% natural look, very light and soft)

Lash Removal $15 


Individual Eyelash Extension $70 +

(A single hair makes it looks more natural)

Faux Mink Eyelash Extension $75 +

(Mink lashes are 100% natural look, very light and soft)

Kid Menu

For age of 8 and below.
Kid Manicure $17 
Kid Pedicure $30 
Kid Polish Hand $10 
Kid Polish Feet $15 
Kid Feet Soak in Water and Polish $22 


Eyebrows $12 
Lip (Upper) $8 
Lip (Lower) $3 
Chin $10 +
Neck $10 +
Sideburn $15 +
Whole Face $37 +
Underarms $20 +
Eyebrow Tinting $20 
Half Arms $35 +
Full Arms $50 +
Half Legs $40 +
Full Legs $65 +
Back or Chest $50 +
Bikini $40 +
French Bikini $45 +
Brazilian $60 +
Each Toe Wax $1